Tire Rotation

Tire rotation service

Top-Class Tire Rotation Services

When you're in need of tire rotation service, turn to the professionals at Ksouth Automotive Inc. Our skilled and experienced auto repair technicians can provide timely tire rotation service to maximize your tire investment and ensure your safety on the road.

You'll be pleased to know that we provide a 2-year or 24,000-mile warranty on all of our auto repair services!

Why Is Tire Rotation Important for Your Vehicle?

Tire rotation refers to the regular practice of switching the position of each tire on the car. It helps equalize tread wear and is critical to maximize the life of tires.

Tire Rotation Maintenance Tips

Generally, a rotation interval of 6,000 miles is recommended, but it's always best to refer to your vehicle's owner manual for the suggested rotation interval and pattern. The rotation pattern varies with different makes and models, which shows the tire locations during the rotation.

Remember that for vehicles with front and back tires of different sizes, the scope of a tire rotation is limited. When you're not sure, check the owner's manual or get in touch with our professionals for quick guidance. Tire rotation is crucial for maximizing your investment in tires.
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